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Al Shahania Sports Club


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  • Welcome to The Emir’s GCC Camel Race

    The biggest event in the camel racing calendar, hundreds of participants and thousands of spectators flock to the Al Shahaniya camel racing track, around 45 minutes drive north of Doha. Riders compete for the prestigious ‘Golden Sword’ in one of the most important events on Qatar’s sporting calendar, held at Al Shahaniya’s camel race track, 60km west of Doha. Some 6000 camels from Qatar and around the Middle East participate in exciting races held over 4km, 6km and 8km distances, with camels speeding along at up to 60 km/h. This race is an immensely popular attraction for tourists and Qataris alike. Camels and their riders compete for the prestigious Golden Sword as well as a number of other prizes and trophies. The ungainly stride of the camels and the shouting of their riders as they try to convince their steeds to run in a straight line is worth the drive to Al Shahaniya alone

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    Start Date : 01-04-2020 11:00 AM

    End Date : 30-04-2020 08:00 PM

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    Venue : Al Shahaniya Sports Club, Qatar,

    Location : Al Shahaniya Sports Club, Qatar,

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