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LIMITLESS – The shortest way to describe this amazing creation would be to call it the one-stop portal for everything sport. We go the whole nine yards when it comes to covering sports and fitness in Qatar. Everything you want to know about sports, fitness and related activities – such as events, tournaments, facilities, trainings, classes, coaches, and even, make sport buddies – is all under one portal.


Clichéd as it may sound, not very long ago, a group of friends sat down at a coffee shop in the heart of Doha to pour out their frustrations over the limited information that was available online on their favorite sport or fitness routine. None of the information they needed was available in a consolidated, credible format.

So, these young sport & fitness enthusiasts decided it was high time that Qatar had its own online sports directory. An exclusive, top-of-the-mill, unique portal that would consolidate all the information anyone needed on sports & fitness in Qatar in the most credible and accessible way. Thus was born the brainchild – LIMITLESS.


This is the real question. LIMITLESS was conceived as Qatar’s best online sports directory. But, now it’s evolved and is much more than that. Because for us fitness is top priority. We truly believe being fit is a lifestyle.

If you are a user, you are one of us. We understand you. We created LIMITLESS for you. Honestly, our aim is to help you keep fit and pursue your sport with passion. Be fit, be fab, we say! That’s why you have to register with us because through us you can access the loads of data on gyms, trainings and classes, and also use our unique features – such as exclusive pairing with coaches to get trained in your sport, finding a sport buddy, as well as tracking sport facilities that fit your need!

If you are a service provider, LIMITLESS is the right platform for you to promote your facilities and services because what we offer is unique. We are best at what we offer thanks to our exclusive brand positioning, and you should capitalize that! Our multiple channels offer you the chance to boost your business on several levels – be it advertise your services, facilities, coaches, classes, and much more.


When LIMITLESS charted its business objectives, we made sure it closely aligned them to the Qatar National Vision 2030 – “a master vision and roadmap towards Qatar becoming an advanced society capable of sustainable development with the goal of providing a high standard of living for all citizens by the year 2030” (Qatar Hukoomi). The Vision that is divided into four pillars –Human, Environmental, Economic, and Social – lists sport development and physical activity as critical objectives to make it achievable.

LIMITLESS, Qatar’s home grown sports & fitness brand, aims to ignite the love for sport and keep the flame burning by making sport & fitness accessible to your fingertips. Take it as our way to give back to the nation that has given us so much.