The shortest way to describe this amazing creation
would be to call it the one-stop portal for everything sport.

We go the whole nine yards when it comes to covering sports and fitness in Qatar. Everything you want to know about sports, fitness and related activities – such as events, tournaments, facilities, trainings, classes, coaches, and even, make sport buddies – is all under one portal.

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LIMITLESS is designed for individuals passionate about sports and prefers to stay up-to-date with innovative fitness ideas, and assist the brands that cater to these needs in Qatar. With a vision to create an apogee of sport and fitness solution in Qatar, we covered the whole nine yards by bringing together the service seekers and providers under one roof to enhance the brand globally.

Dedicated to providing all requirements drawn from sports to the seekers, Limitless accept professional services from the leading lines along with providing a platform for newly launched brands to promote your facilities and services. We regularly update our explicit data catalog to supply you with a variety of consolidated, credible options in line.

In short, for the seekers, Limitless is the options we bring forth and the providers are forked out with Limitless access.

At Limitless we strongly believe that our body is a shrine and staying fit is a way to venerate. Be fit, be fab, we say!

Envisioned in 2017 by a bunch of sports-loving friends as the concomitant of their discontent over the limited accessible information online about their favorite sport or fitness routine, Limitless is an exclusive, top-of-the-mill, unique portal that would consolidate all the information anyone needed on sports and fitness in Qatar in the most credible and accessible way.


Prioritizing sports development in the country to provide a high standard of living for all citizens by inspiring individuals to bring innovation to the doorstep for every sports fanatic in Qatar, while making sports and fitness accessible and affordable to the public.


Qatar National Vision 2030 in its four pillars - Human, Environmental, Economic, and Social- lists sport development and physical activity as a critical objective to reach its goal and LIMITLESS, Qatar’s home-grown sports & fitness brand, keeps its business objectives closely aligned to the same – “a master vision and road map towards Qatar becoming an advanced society capable of sustainable development with the goal of providing a high standard of living for all citizens by the year 2030” (Qatar Hukoomi).

With a firm belief in the goodness circle, we aim to ignite the love for sports and keep the flame burning by making sports & fitness accessible to your fingertips.